A thrilling escape experience
right in your home or office!


Rent one of our crates and get lost in an adventure in the comfort of your own home. EVERYTHING you need is in the crate, and no setup is necessary. Simply pick up your rental crate, enjoy the mystery adventure with friends, then return the crate within 24 hours.  (It is also possible to drop off/pickup from you for free within a 10 mile radius of Greeley.  Outside of this radius will be an additional fee)  We currently have two new game options ready to rent NOW and we will be converting our current live and retired games for you to enjoy in the take home versions soon. 

Each crate includes all locks, boxes, puzzles, and other items necessary for the mystery, an introduction, instruction and a hints booklet.

24-hour rental (unless other arrangements are made) is $75.00 per crate. ​

Rentals also require a $50.00 deposit (per crate) in case of any damaged or missing items that will be refunded after crate return inspection.

One crate is recommended for up to 8 players.  Additional crates can be requested for larger gatherings or team building events (if available).

The ideal number of players is 4-6 but one or two can play as well.

You still have the option to beat the clock (timer included) or you can choose to enjoy the experience at your leisure.  Questions or want to reserve your game? Email us at ruseescaperoom@gmail.com, messaging via  Facebook or call/text us @ 970-541-1822.


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After 7 weeks of a deadly virus spreading like wildfire, a research team in Canada announced that they found the cure. However, they have gone radio silent and a military team is sent to recover the contents of the laboratory. Can you go through the research and find the cure in time?

MERRY MISCHIEF is available for a limited engagement



A secret laboratory known as S C Labs was working on a secret device to infiltrate government systems and shut them down. Things go awry with the device and the lab was suddenly abandoned.  You have been called in as our recon team to figure out what it was the scientists in the lab were creating, locate the device if there, make sure the lab is secure and nothing has leaked out into the community before it is too late.


You’ve been scheduled to complete a required Psychological Evaluation with Dr. Amy G. Dala. The staff knows that Dr. Dala is known for writing reports sending too many innocent people away to the Colorado Mental Health Institute for life and one has already been written about one of your teammates. The staff want to help you but no one knows where to find this negative report. It must be found and destroyed before Dr. Dala makes it in to complete your evaluations or one of you will be turned over to Institute staff upon her arrival.


Granny has come for a visit with gifts for everyone but as typical, her luggage was lost by the airlines. Not only does she need to find the luggage, she needs to remember which airline she took. Can you help her find out which airline to contact and get her luggage with everyone’s gifts?


You have been asked to help us find our friend, James Howe, a local attorney, who has recently gone missing. We are hoping he left us clues behind amongst his belongings as to what may have taken place. Did he just need some time away?  Is he hiding out from some bad clients?  OR worse? If you are unable to complete the mission in time, police will be notified and YOU will face being arrested for tampering with evidence.


COVID has caused chaos in the world and we need to stop it. The only way we can reverse the effects of the ‘Pandemic’ is to get back into the classroom where life came to a screeching halt in 2020. Students had to leave school in a hurry, leaving work unfinished. Finish the work left behind that fateful year and return life back to how it used to be.

If you have ANY questions, we can be contacted via email at ruseescaperoom@gmail.com, messaging via Facebook or call/text us @ 970-541-1822.