The Lab

A secret laboratory known as S C Labs was working on a secret device to infiltrate government systems and shut them down. Things go awry with the device and the lab was suddenly abandoned.  You have been called in as our recon team to figure out what it was the scientists in the lab were creating, locate the device, make sure the lab is secure and nothing has leaked out into the community before it is too late.

Bell Never Rings

COVID has caused chaos in the world and we need to stop it. The only way we can reverse the effects of the ‘Pandemic’ is to get back into the physical classroom as that is where life stopped in 2020. Students had to leave school in a hurry, leaving work unfinished and their personal belongings in their lockers.  Your mission is to finish the assignments left behind – examine a speck of science, learn a bit history, add a pinch math, dabble in a trace of art and music and even observe a few sports in a fun and exciting way.  Upon completing all the challenges you will be able to gain access to the lockers and if all goes well, the REAL world will go back to life before COVID. The clincher – we only have 60 minutes to accomplish this.  If you are unable to complete the challenge, we will be stuck in virtual learning and meetings FOREVER.