Colorado Puzzle Challenge @ Ruse Escape Room in Greeley

We initially created a challenge for players to earn discounts to several escape rooms around Colorado. Although offers have ended, we have left our puzzles up for fun. To play puzzles at the other Colorado escape rooms, visit

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine 

Mollie Kathleen was a miner who staked a claim in 1891 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Mollie‚Äôs family is in desperate need of your help to get the remainder of her gold out of the mine.  You will be handsomely rewarded for your assistance.  To begin, start with the empty cart on the left of the maze of tracks and follow to the right end of the maze with a full cart of gold.  

The rules are simple, but you must be cautious as some tracks in the mine are hazardous. 

First, you can only make turns where track switches are available, note the directions and numbers. 

Second, any track directions labeled #1 have hidden dangers such as fallen rocks or washed out tracks so you are never allowed to take these tracks. 

Third, beware of the caged yellow canary, this is a warning that these tracks are not safe due to undetectable gases in the air. 

Finally, as you travel along, make note of the eight (8) track numbers the directions you are able to take as these numbers will lead you to your final answer to earn your reward.  

Once you have found your way safely through the maze and have your eight (8) digits, you will need to convert these digits into a valid alpha password.  Plug in your answer in the Quiz to get confirmation that you have the correct answer to enter on the main Colorado Puzzle Challenge page and earn your final challenge reward.

Use this keypad image to help interpret your final alpha password
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Colorado Puzzle Challenge

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Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoyed our puzzle and look forward to you visiting us in person to solve more soon!