Escape Rooms are an excellent source of entertainment as well as learning to work together as a team.  The concept of an escape room is to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and use critical thinking with your team to escape the room or complete the mission typically within 60 minutes.  Depending on your room selection, groups of at least 2 up to a maximum of 10 participants are place inside our theme-based room and immersed into a story line with an end goal in mind.  They are a GREAT option for

    • Quality Family Time,
    • Team Building
    •  Date Night
    •  Special Celebrations

NOTE: Our schedule is by appointment ONLY so please look at the calendar for a time – if you do not see one available, please do not hesitate to check with us to see if we can accommodate you.  Online bookings cut off one hour before the scheduled times)

What is different at Ruse Escape Room?

We are a unique fully-immersive, live-action, physical and mental adventure game experience that is appropriate for ages 6 to 96.  We focus on the use of the brain vs fear factor so we will never have a scary or occult themed room at our location.

Grab your best sleuths, book your time and see if you have the wits and skill to beat the clock! 

Missing      2-8 players

Our friend, who is a local attorney, has gone missing. You have been called in to help us with your great detective skills and find the clues he left behind in his office. Did he take time away from his work? Get kidnapped? Is he hiding out? Or did something else happen? A Missing Person Report has been filed with the local police so you only have one hour to find the clues he left or YOU will face being arrested for tampering with evidence.

S.C. Labs Inc.      2-10 players

A mysterious lab is working on a secret device to infiltrate government systems and shut them down. Things go awry with the device and the lab was suddenly abandoned.  We have asked you to be our recon team and it’s up to you to figure out what was being made, locate the device, and make sure the lab is secure and everything is contained before it’s too late.